Örenäs Slott headed for 100 years

Times flies when you´re having fun

The story really takes its beginning already in 1867, when August Anderberg bought number 7, at lower Glumslöv. Later he constructed the building Mariehild, named after his wife. It would take a couple of more years before the building of Örenäs Slott. By then, the Posse family (who bought Maryhill of Countess Constance Wachtmeister in the beginning of 1890) sold Maryhill to the Swedish Sugar King Carl Tranchell. It was his aim to construct a palace here similar to Verailles. But Tranchell´s sons managed to avert the idea from becoming a reality. The town architect of Landskrona, Frans Sundbärg, drew up new plans resulting in the way the castle look today. Construction was carried out between 1914-1918.  

This year we will start the celebrations. Keep an eye out on our website as we celebrate the start of our beloved castle´s 100 Th birthday.