Styrkeprovet at Örenäs Slott

Vintage cars at the castle

It´s shaping up be a really good summer for anyone who appreciates fancy vintage cars. Between July 31 and August 3 The Historic Automobile Club arrange Styrkeprovet at Örenäs Slott. Styrkeprovet is a large Scandinavian race event for vintage cars manufactured not later than 1925. The cars start at Örenäs Slott but the race takes place in Kullabyygden on Friday and at Söderåsen the day after. Interest is high and the expected participants is about 70-80 cars from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

When the cars are not used in the race they will be parked at the castle. The vehicles arrive on July 31 and it is free to view and photograph the beautiful cars at the castle. Read more about the race Styrkeprovet at the official web page.