Fabulous local food

Eat well in the castle and down by the sea

Our popular Slottsrestaurang restaurant and our new dining option Ålabodarnas Hamnkrog just below Örenäs Slott’s grounds, both serve excellent food. Our genuine interest in food and our great commitment to a high-class dining experience, not to mention love and respect for the ingredients we use, see us making the most of Skåne’s local food culture with all its exciting, clean flavours.

The best of the season

We serve food cooked from scratch, using ingredients from carefully selected local producers, revolving around what the season has to offer. Add a bit of thought, expertise and a touch of finesse, and the result is delightfully unexpected dishes.

And we do all this with the greatest of respect for the environment, while ensuring that future generations are able to enjoy it the way we do.

Sustainability in the kitchen

2019 sees Örenäs Slott making even greater strides towards total sustainability. One element in this approach involves climate offsetting our menu and fine-tuning our partnerships with suppliers to ensure that we solely deliver sustainable products. We work hard to reduce our food waste, partly by increasingly switching to serving dishes plated up, donating excess food to the Värmestugan homeless shelter in Helsingborg and recycling food waste into biogas.

The majority of our starters are vegetarian and our aim is to choose organic and locally produced ingredients as far as possible.