Fabulous wedding at the castle

Wedding at the castle like a fairy tale

An unforgettable moment in a genuine castle environment with lush beautiful surroundings and views of a glittering Öresund - taken from a fairy tale.


Weddings at the castle

Örenäs Slott is one of the youngest castles in Sweden and was built during the years 1914-1918 by the ”sugar king” Carl Tranchell. The Castle was to be Carl’s summer home and had, for the time, luxurious details, such as central hoover, elevator and a telephone system. The nickname “the Sugar king” was given to Carl as he was the CEO and owner of SSA (Swedish sugar AB), Sweden’s only sugar factory at the time. He therefore decorated the stucco on the castle’s second floor with sugar beets in honor of his life’s work. The facility today has 115 rooms, of which 10 are located in the castle and one of them is our Master suite. The remaining rooms are located in the hotel building next to the castle where our cosy junior suite can also be found. We have many possibilities when it comes to wedding dinners and can offer five different rooms, depending on the size of the party.