Find Örenäs Slott

Map & Directions

Örenäs slott is located between Helsingborg and Landskrona.


Coordinates: 55°56′25″N 12°46′51″O

Are you coming from the north on the E6 ...
get off at Rydebäck traffic stop (exit 27), then towards Glumslöv. 
Arriving in Glumslöv you turn right towards Ålabodarna / Örenäs (road name Vikingaleden).

Coming from the south on the E6 ...
take the exit at Landskrona Norra (exit 26), then towards Glumslöv.
Arriving in Glumslöv, turn left towards Ålabodarna / Örenäs (Vikingaleden).

From Ängelholm airport it's 45 km, Malmö/Sturup airport 60 km
and Copanhagen airport (Kastrup) 65 km.

If you travel by train it is 12 min from Knutpunkten in Helsingborg and 5 min from the station 
in Landskrona. Local trains stop in Glumslöv. The station is 2.9 km from Örenäs Castle.

Bus to Glumslöv departs from Helsingborg and Landskrona. 
From Glumslöv bus stop (Ålabodsvägen) it is 2.4 km to Örenäs Castle.